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Cost of Surgery

Medical and dental care of the highest
standard at affordable prices.

We try to offer competitive fees while ensuring the highest standard for our services.

The cost of your surgery consists of up to four different fees

- The Surgical Fee which is the surgeon's and assistant surgeon's fee for your surgery.

- The Anaesthetic Fee which is the anaesthetist's and assistant anaesthetist's fee for your surgery, where applicable (i.e. this does not apply to local anaesthetic procedures).

- The Hospital Fee which covers your operation and room, where applicable (i.e. most dental procedures are performed in our dental clinic).

- The Implant Fee which is the cost of any implants used for your surgery, where applicable (i.e. breast implants)

Each hospital sets its own fees and some hospitals are more expensive than others. We have tried to include private hospitals that cover the full price spectrum, so that we can accommodate all patients. The prices quoted are for sharing a room with one or two other patients. Private rooms are available upon request and usually incur a surcharge.
The prices quoted should give you an idea of the cost of the various procedures. The cost of your individual surgery may vary depending on the state of your health as well as any particular wishes or needs, on the type of anaesthetic you choose, and finally, the hospital you choose.
After contacting us with all the relevant details, we will offer you a personalised quote, that will reflect your individual requirements.

Combining procedures (i.e. having a blepharoplasty and a face lift together) will obviously be more economical than having the procedures separately, as there is only one hospital fee. Some procedures, however, cannot be combined, as this may significantly increase the risk of complications. Please to not hesitate to contact us directly for more information about combining particular procedures

The prices quoted do not include your flights or accommodation, but we have negotiated special prices in 4 and 5 star hotels for our guests. You are advised to use these hotels as they are strategically located in the center of Athens, and near our clinics, so that we can visit you several times a day, as needed, during the post-operative period.

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